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    Product Center


    • All
    • USB connector
    • Stamping antenna
    • Stretching class
    • Die cutting assembly
    • Shielding cover
    • Acoustics
    • Medical apparatus and instruments
    • Injection molding
    • Injection antenna
    • Other


    Manufacturing Capacity

    The design and development, customer service framework and team can provide perfect technical support and services for the development and production of various molds such as automobiles, medical devices, acoustoelectric optoelectronics and connectors. The cumulative tolerance of machining accuracy of our grinder is 5 μ m, and the tolerance of profile grinding is 1 μ M. The EDM accuracy of the main forming parts can reach 2 μ m, the cleaning angle is less than r0.03 mm, and the mirror surface finish effect can be processed. The above capabilities provide a strong guarantee for the development of complete mold and parts processing of 0.3-pitch connector and other precision product customers. 

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